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Find Power in the Bass

Low notes mean high power during your workout, according to new research.
Find Power in the Bass

There’s power in the bass – or at least listening to the bass.

According to new research from Northwestern University, bass-heavy music emboldens listeners and makes them feel more powerful. Researchers decided to conduct the study after observing the omnipresent headphones on athletes preparing for competition. 

“The ways these athletes immerse themselves in the music — some with their eyes steely shut and some gently nodded along the beats — seem as if the music is mentally preparing and toughening them up for the competition about to occur,” co-author Denis Hsu told PsychCentral.

In a lab setting, Hsu and his team tested feelings of power in participants after listening to bass-heavy songs including "We Will Rock You," and lighter-bass songs including "Who Let the Dogs Out." If you’re looking to channel more power during your next workout, the study says to ditch the Baha Men in favor of Queen.

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Or you can listen to our Power Playlist, loaded with plenty of driving bass for a more powerful workout.  


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