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Fit Fix: Meet the Motorcycle-Riding Robot That Is Designed to Be Better Than You

Today in rage against the machines, and everything else you need to know today.
Yamaha MotoBot

Morning, dudes. Here's the latest cool and/or technologically terrifying news from around the Internet on this fine Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015:

Robots Replacing Nature, Part 1: The good people at Yamaha Motors unveiled the so-called MotoBot, a robot designed to ride motorcycles faster than humans, at the Toyko Auto Show on Wednesday. No, seriously: The robot's description is literally "I was created to surpass you." Did we learn nothing from Age of Ultron, you guys?!

Robots Replacing Nature, Part 2: A team of Harvard engineers has created an insect-sized robot. Called the RoboBee, it can both fly and swim.



Aerial-aquatic robotic vehicles are on the horizon, thanks to a new flying, swimming, insectlike robot

Posted by Harvard University on Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Dirty Grandpa: Robert DeNiro kicks Zac Efron's ass—at least metaphorically—in the new trailer for the comedy movie set for release in January 2016. (If nothing else, see it for Julianne Hough.) [BuzzFeed]

Frontier Justise: Miami Heat player (and former Duke baller) Justise Winslow dunked over THREE Charlotte Hornets players Wednesday night.


Justise Winslow with a monster slam

Hello, Justise!

Posted by Miami Heat on Wednesday, October 28, 2015


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