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Fit Fix: The Rock Is Expecting, and Alex Trebek Finally Says "Turd Ferguson"

Today in geological renewal, and everything else you need to know today.

Morning, dudes. Here's the latest and greatest in guy stuff for Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015:

Please Name Him Rocky: Dwayne Johnson and his longtime girlfriend Lauren Hashian are expecting their first child together, according to reports.

#iOS9: The newest version of Apple's operating system has been released. It introduces a "News" app, and reportedly aims to improve battery life—but some people are having a tough time downloading it. [Wall Street Journal]

Some Jumanji Shit, Right Here: Warming temperatures in the Arctic have enabled mosquitoes to hatch earlier, thereby letting them grow faster and bigger, according to a new scientific paper published in the Royal Society Proceedings. [The Atlantic]

"Suck It, Trebek!": A diabolical (and brilliant) Jeopardy contestant finally succeeded in getting Alex Trebek to say "Turd Ferguson." Day. Made. [HuffPo]

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