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Fit Fix: Usain Bolt Claims World Title, the Foo Fighters Rickroll the WBC, and Jon Stewart Makes a Heel Turn

Today in the world's fastest men, and more dude news you need to know to start the day.

Morning, dudes, and happy Monday. Here's the best in guy news from today—and the weekend—to start your week off the right way:

Bolt Defends Title: Usain Bolt held off a furious challenge from American Justin Gatlin to win the 100-meter world championship in Beijing on Sunday, running a 9.79 to Gatlin's 9.80. Gatlin has run faster times, but his form collapsed in the last 30 meters. [USA Today]



Stewart and SummerSlam: Jon Stewart started off his retirement with a bang by hosting WWE SummerSlam in Brooklyn Sunday night—literally, he hit John Cena with a metal chair. Recap at [WWE]

The WBC Got Rick Rolled: The Westboro Baptist Church (those guys are still around?) decided to do their thing at a Foo Fighters concert in Kansas City Friday night, so the band responded by piling into a pickup truck and blasting Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" before the show. [KC Star]

Buckeye Season: The Ohio State Buckeyes are the unanimous preseason #1 in the AP preseason college football poll, the first-ever unanimous decision since preseason rankings in 1950. TCU got the #2 spot, with Alabama, Baylor, and Michigan State rounding out the top 5. [Sports Illustrated]

The Iowa Fair Diet: As the circus of presidential candidates descends on the Iowa State Fair, they've realized that eating healthy basically means salad—on a stick! (By comparison, the ever-popular turkey drumstick has 1,136 calories.) [NPR]

Here Comes the Drop: The global stock market is taking a serious beating this morning—the Dow plunged more than 1,000 points shortly after opening—mostly anchored by concerns over China's economic slowdown and expected tremors over Fed rates. [Wall Street Journal]

Don't Panic: Unless you're in a really peculiar investment position, the best thing you can do right now is take a few deep breaths and leave your investments alone. Seriously. Hit the gym, take out any imagined stress with some dumbbell squats, and trust in the market to sort itself out. [The New York Times]

"Looking at a Dinosaur": Some very brave dudes in southeast Alabama managed to wrangle a 920-lb. alligator, which is believed to be a record for the lake where it was caught. []

"Adrenaline Takes Over": Three Americans, two of them servicemen, took down a gunman armed with an AK-47 on a crowded French train Friday afternoon, even after he stabbed one of the Americans. French President Francois Hollande awarded them, and a Briton who also helped take down the gunman, with France's highest honor. [The New York Times]

How Strong Is Your State?: The South reigns supreme in Skulpt's recent survey of America's strongest states, although New Jersey managed to muscle its way into the top 10. [Men's Fitness]



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