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Fittest Film Characters of All Time

The movie characters who inspired us to get off the couch and into the gym.

King Leonidas in 300, Gerard Butler (2007)

Leonidas may have had the most perfectly sculpted features of any man in movie history, and although actor Gerard Butler worked his ass off to fit the role, he also had the benefit of getting all those muscles touched up in the editing room, where much of the movie was made. As king of a warrior nation whose men go to battle in underwear and capes—attire any historian or person with common sense would scoff at—Leonidas clearly had to be in absolute peak physical condition in terms of strength and aesthetics.

His rippling muscles help the 300 Spartans beast their way through days of battle and thousands of Persian soldiers, with plenty of crazy camera movement and switches between slow, fast and regular motion along the way.

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