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Fittest Film Characters of All Time

The movie characters who inspired us to get off the couch and into the gym.

Rocky, Sylvester Stallone (1976)

This award to Rocky, of course, goes for all the other Rocky movies as well, but the first one will always stand out as the original, the classic, before Rocky IV eventually set the bar for cheesy workout montages and the series was brought back in 2006 for a very unnecessary sixth installment. Sylvester Stallone, who wrote the script and demanded to star in it when it was picked up, treated the role as though he was actually training for the heavyweight title, which became a theme throughout his career, even when it wasn’t a Rocky sequel. The end result was what has often been lauded as the best sports movie of all time, as it realistically shows the commitment, struggles, skills and high levels of fitness that it takes to make it as a boxer. Rocky is tenacious and intense in his training, and definitely belongs among the fittest film characters of all time (and that can go for several other Stallone characters as well).

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