Babe in Marathon Man, Dustin Hoffman (1976)

Unlike most entries on this list, Marathon Man’s Babe (Dustin Hoffman) is not here for his physical dominance or ludicrously ripped features. That said, he was quite lean and cut to fit right into the role. Babe is a grad student in New York City who is an avid long distance runner in his spare time. Not knowing anything about his brother’s role as a U.S. government agent, Babe ends up having to fend for himself in the middle of an intricate web of Nazi war criminals, government agents and double agents, not to mention local authorities who also get involved.

Babe is forced to run for his life at several points during the film, making use of the city landscape and his top-notch running skills to elude drivers chasing after him. In the end, he defies the odds and finds a way to outwit and outlast his enemies, like a true marathon runner who knows how to go the distance.

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