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Get Your Summer On

Summer's in full swing. Here's your survival dictionary to mastering every skill you need to have the perfect summer.

Mojito, the new

For the past few years, the mojito has reigned as the cocktail of summer; even Pierce Brosnan's James Bond chose one over his usual martini in 2002's Die Another Day. This year, consider the MoFo, a smoother version of the minty Cuban drink, concocted exclusively for MF by Luigi Valenciana of Seattle's Mojito Café.

To get your own MoFo working, here's what you'll need:
4-5 de-stemmed mint leaves
1 lime cut into quarters
simple syrup (3 cups water, 2 cups sugar and mint, boiled for 10 minutes and strained)
soda water
2 oz Bacardi Silver or Gold rum

In a highball glass, add in this order: mint leaves, quartered limes, and 1 oz syrup. Muddle until lime juice drains out. Fill glass with crushed ice. Pour rum. Shake vigorously in shaker and pour back into glass. Top with soda water. Raise your glass and shout, "Salud!"

Poisonous plants, treating exposure to

Poison ivy and its cousins poison oak and poison sumac release a potent toxin called urushiol oil--just one-billionth of a gram of it on your skin can cause a nasty rash. If you've been exposed to one of the plants, treat the area immediately with rubbing alcohol; this may not stop an outbreak, but it will keep it from spreading.

Pump, how to get a quick

To hit the beach with that just-back-from-the-gym look, you need some quick pumpitude. And since the pump phenomenon requires forcing blood into the muscles faster than it can be carried out, ladder reps--performing 5-10 reps for every quarter of the range of motion--are perfect. For chest, do ladder push-ups: 5-10 reps from the floor to a quarter of the way up, 5-10 from a quarter of the way to halfway up, 5-10 from a quarter of the way to three-quarters, and finally, 5-10 full-range reps.

Use the same technique with dumbbells for presses, lateral raises, or curls. With your muscles bursting, you're now ready to go and kick some sand.

Run on beach, when to

That soft, forgiving sand by the shore might seem like an inviting jogging track, but it "puts strain on your Achilles tendon and the muscles that support your arch," says Richard Braver, M.D., a New Jersey sports podiatrist. Instead, run on the beach at low tide: When the shoreline recedes, it leaves hard, packed sand in its wake, which provides a much firmer running surface.

Sex outdoors

Sex on the beach: It's not just a fruity tourist drink. Although even the biggest beach towel can't prevent sand from getting in your crevices (or hers), here are guidelines from Lou Paget, author of 365 Days of Sensational Sex, for making it great in the great outdoors:
1. Genitals can burn, so cover them in sunscreen--but not your penis; it can irritate her insides.
2. All 50 states have laws against indecent exposure and public lewdness, acts in which you expose your nether regions to others.
3. Ideally, she should already apply a water-based lubricant inside of her before you hit the ocean. Your best position is standing up, with her legs wrapped around your waist. This way you can disengage quickly before getting caught.

Sharks, why you shouldn't fear

Sure, sharks are in the ocean, but that doesn't mean you should stay out of it. According to George Parsons, a director at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium, sharks kill an average of only eight people worldwide each year. More people died from tipped vending machines last year than they did from shark attacks. Plus, sharks don't even like the taste of human blood. Usually they let go after just one bite.



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