Grab your balls and... SWING!

It's baseball season again! The smell of fresh cut grass and the sight of a perfect green field are ahead of us. What better way to celebrate the greatest season in sports than to take a side-by-side look at the top two baseball video games and help you decide what to play. Both games have differences but in the end, they're both are baseball and are done extremely well. Strap on your cleats, throw on those batting gloves and get ready for some baseball!

Featuring simply surreal graphics, a top notch announcing tandem, stellar gameplay and great peripheral options, 2kSports' MLB 2k7 is outstanding. Alongside the high-quality game is an excellent soundtrack and visuals that make you feel as though you are watching a real game on TV versus a video game.

The detail in the game is nearly staggering. Baseball addicts will notice that the batting stances of their favorite players are truly accurate, the pitching styles of the star players life-like and precise, but that is pretty standard for most recent sports games. However, it is the extent of the detail that is so impressive. Sure, it is easy to make sure the top stars of the game are well-represented, its even more impressive in making sure that the utility infielder's batting stance is correct. Add in the extreme attention to detail that the development team put into the faces of each of the players and once more you'll find yourself wondering if it is a real game or a video game.

Built by the developers of the now defunct and all-time greatest baseball game MVP Baseball series, MLB 2k7 has everything that you would want in a game, and other features you didn't know you wanted but do. Trade a star player from one team to another in the franchise mode and watch the newspaper headlines announce that player's big debut for his new team. There are over 200 different events that can trigger unique headlines within the franchise mode! Look at the players and see their personal characteristics registered in the game, Manny Ramirez's braids or Bronson Arroyo's rocker hair, every aspect of the players is covered.

As for gameplay, you will not be disappointed. The pitching controls take a little while to get used to, but no more than a game or two. The most interesting aspect of the pitching controls is that the break of the pitch is extremely important. Instead of setting your aim for where the pitch will end up, the aim is for where the pitch's movement will start. Anticipate how good your slider will be and be ready for a no-hitter, miss that sinker and watch the ball get crushed and your postseason dreams evaporate into the ether. With a double-tap system (one tap for the power of the pitch and one for accuracy) the timing of pitching takes some getting used to but is familiar to anyone who has played a baseball game in the last few years, and if you haven't you'll pick it up fast.


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