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MF: Tell us about Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Alex Borstein: It started with me just doing some stand-up here and there, building up this material, and I took a look at what I had and realized this is all kind of about the same thing. I seem very focused (or obsessed, you might say) on how the package you come in predicates how your life is going to be: Whether you like it or not, what you look like says a lot, and it has started seeping into the world of TV and film, and that has changed so much in terms of packaging. People you used to see on TV, like Mary Tyler Moore and Natalie and Jo from Facts of Life-you had so many cool chicks and so many to choose from and now we have fuckin' Paris Hilton? What is happening and what does she even do? Even our heroines are dressed up, like Kyra Sedgwick in The Closer. You just don't have these kick-ass broads anymore, and I started exploring why, and it turned out to be really funny and a fun way to weave in and out of impersonations and pop culture . . . referring to Renee Zellweger as a pussy face and making fun of Charlize Theron's performance in Monster. Just the joke that someone that looks like me has a hard time getting any kind of a part and Charlize Theron puts goofy teeth on and doesn't wash her hair and wins an Oscar. You're like, "Come on!"

MF: So are you looking to pursue more dramatic acting?

AB: You know, I just like pretending, so whether it's comedy and making people laugh or something else, I'm just game for the ride. I've been really lucky so far to do MADtv and Family Guy, and then something like Good Night, and Good Luck, and I just did a little part in another serious film called The Lookout, and then kids' films like Lizzie McGuire and . . . bad films like Catwoman. [Laughs] So, honestly, this is perfect-I love getting to try a little bit of everything.

MF: Is it the challenge of it you like, or is it the fun?

AB: It's a little of both. It's kind of like when people mix up their exercise-this day they'll swim and this day they'll play tennis . . . it's really just a way to keep it interesting for me and fun and different. It's fun to flop back and forth. After Good Night, and Good Luck I can do Little Man-a Wayans brothers movie. I really like getting to try all of it, because all actors are is grown-ups with ADD. We have to keep moving.


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