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How to Score the Best Tickets Ever — Even at the Last Minute

This summer, there’s no concert, sporting event, or outdoor music festival you can’t buy your way into right before it starts. All you need is a smartphone, a few bucks, and a stomach for risk.

The twilight of summer is always that special time when America morphs into a live-event-going nation of ticket buyers. And 2015’s shaping up to be the biggest summer yet. So whether you’re a Deadmau5 fanatic or a NASCAR buff, a Lollapalooza regular, or a Chicago Cubs diehard, there’s no reason you should find yourself marooned on the couch, the only one of your friends who didn’t score a ticket. Thanks to the rise of e-tickets and the second- ary market online for ticket resellers, there’s just about zero live events you can’t game your way into at the last minute, and at a reasonable price. Here’s what you need to know.

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