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In the Ring With Rampage Jackson

Days before his last UFC fight, the mixed martial arts legend sounds off on sprawls, eating right, and making people laugh.

MF: How do you get your head right for a big fight?

RJ: It’s my job. It’s one of those things where a switch just flips. I think, OK, its time for me to go and do my thing. It’s the weirdest thing. I think some people are born to fight. And some people are born to do whatever they do. And I was born to be a fighter. I don’t really have to do any rituals or act like I hate the guy. I don’t hate the guy. It’s a sport for me. I never hated anybody I’ve fought. It’s a sport and I just want to go out there and put on a great show for all of the fans.

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MF: Will you still continue to fight after the UFC?

RJ: I hope that I perform well and put on a great fight on Saturday and have a lot of organizations that want to bid on me. I’ll see who wants to take me and treat me right. I feel like I do a lot of good things for the sport and I just want to be treated like I feel I deserve to be treated. Hopefully everything goes according to plan, and I’ll be fighting for a lot longer.

MF: How does acting play into your game plan moving forward?

RJ: Movies and TV is fun and it doesn’t hurt as much as fighting, and you can’t fight forever, right? So hopefully I can do movies from time to time while I’m still fighting. And then after I’m retired from fighting I would like to go into doing more movies full time. I like to make people laugh and entertain people. I’m the kind of guy who just wants to entertain people.

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