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InsideHook: The Insider’s Guide to Being Interesting

The InsideHook is your golden ticket to food, technology, and adventure that will change your life.

Andy Russell just turned 40. Happily married with two kids, he lives in New York City and is in an ideal spot financially after scoring big with media ventures like Daily Candy and Thrillist—both of which he helped develop and fund. Doesn’t sound like a guy with a heck of a lot to complain about, right?

Well, he’s not complaining, exactly. What concerns him, however, is that after spending the past decade focused on building businesses and advancing his career, he’s come to the conclusion that he’s settled into the life of a boring guy. “The couple of times a month where we can get a babysitter,” Russell says, “I tell my wife we’re going out, and she’s like, ‘Where are you taking me?’ And when I take her to the Japanese place on the corner, again, it’s like, ‘You lame, lame dude.’ That’s why we started it.”

This from a guy who, after dating for only two months, took his future wife to Belize to certify her in scuba diving and explore underwater caves teeming with bull sharks. Once upon a time, Russell actually knew how to build experiences that got his heart racing—so after several years of the same old shit, he discovered what he calls a pain point within the niche of solving this “lame dude” dilemma for guys 35 and over who, for whatever reason, have blundered into the muck of social complacency.

Andy Russell - Inside Hook
Andy Russell

His solution? InsideHook, an e-mail newsletter serving this precise demographic. Looking for something titillating to do with your wife, girlfriend, friends, or by yourself this weekend but lacking the time to plan anything memorable? Russell’s service takes care of everything. From technological innovations to free up your time, to restaurants serving unique cuisine and rock climbing expeditions a half hour from your doorstep, InsideHook is the ultimate insider’s tip sheet for stuff to do, eat, and use “As men,  I think we’ re missing  the planning gene when it comes to finding these hidden, really amazing things to do,”  Russell says, “and nobody’s out there playing curator for all this amazing stuff for me in a voice I want to hear, really knowing who I am.”



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