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InsideHook: The Insider’s Guide to Being Interesting

The InsideHook is your golden ticket to food, technology, and adventure that will change your life.

InsideHook offers experiences that make memories—a concept Russell developed after years of doing the same things, socially, over and over again until he couldn’t distinguish on occasion from the next.

“All my high school friends are still my friends,” he says, “and the things we used to do—golf trips, ski trips, memory after memory—aren’t what we do anymore. My memories over the past five years of my best friends in the world are one big blur of restaurants, drinking, and conversation.”

His mission, then, is to change things or men in this position—guys who although they’re well past the stupidity of their 20s, aren’t done looking for passion and adventure just yet. It’s a service for men who want more out of their days, and their relationships, but don’t have the time, energy, or resources to research the sorts of things that can stave off their not-quite-middle-age malaise. “We’re just making these things a lot more accessible and spelling it all out for people,” Russell says. The premise is simple (and free): Sign up at and every day you’ll receive an e-mail newsletter with one key recommendation that includes all the information you need to act on it, along with the occasional hilarious related video link for good measure.

“We’re not trying to encourage guys to be something they’re not,” Russell says.“ We’re trying to inspire you to be a better version of yourself because you’re in the know. We’re finding stuff all around us that makes you better and fuller. And when my wife comes and says to me, ‘InsideHook is good for our marriage,’ that’s my proof it’s working.”

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