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InsideHook: The Insider’s Guide to Being Interesting

The InsideHook is your golden ticket to food, technology, and adventure that will change your life.

The Hookups
1) The Major Leagues of Underground Dining - Access to a private, baseball-themed seven-course dinner prepared by world-class chef David Santos, formerly of Manhattan’s Per Se.
2) Who’s Your Caddie? - Links you to a website and application that plans and organizes every detail of your next golf
outing—down to planning foursome pairings based on handicap and past performances.
3) Don’t Sleep with the Fishes - Information about pre-dawn fly fishing excursions just minutes from midtown Manhattan. Yes, you can go fly fishing in New York City. Who knew?
4) Sweet Jeans Are Made of These - Tells you about a service that custom fits you for hand- stitched selvedge jeans—the highest- quality denim in the world—then delivers them to your doorstep. 

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