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Is It Possible to Become Addicted to Stress?

If you could swap your always-overflowing inbox for a more laidback lifestyle, you’d do it in a heartbeat, right? Maybe, maybe not—some experts believe we secretly enjoy freaking out.

Being stressed isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes we need a tight deadline or high-pressure situation to light a productivity-boosting fire under our butts. But for some of us, freak-outs deliver a certain type of fix.

Crazy, right? Our partners at took a look at why some people seem to like stress a little too much. According to the article, stress activates arousal and attention centers in the brain and causes a “natural high”—yes, similar to what drugs would do to your central nervous system.

Don’t expect a 12-step program for beating a stress addiction—it’s not a for-real diagnosis. But since chronic stress can mess with your health, it’s important to understand the importance of chilling the heck out every now and then. For tips on how to dial down your anxiety, read the full article at and then get to work on kicking these six crappy habits.



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