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Jayson Blair Interview: Getting Fit for Revealing Roles

Find out how star of NBC's The New Normal keeps his abs camera ready.

In Hard Times with RJ Berger, you play someone who is much younger than you are. Did you train in a specific way to look young?

Yeah, I told my trainer what I wanted and needed, more adolescent-looking muscles, not just crazy-jacked and mature-looking. So he put together a certain program where we were doing high-intensity heavy weights, and super high-intensity workouts to elongate the muscles and make them dense but not super built. A lot of bands, a lot of rope work, a lot of power play and things like that.

What about your go-to workout routine? What exercise do you enjoy most in the gym?

Half-hour of cardio and half-hour of weights.

And what’s your least favorite workout?

My least favorite workout probably is when my trainer makes me work multiple muscle groups at once. Like a squat to press, or rope work and then pushups and then dive-bombers all consecutively.

Do you haven any fitness tips for our readers? What knowledge could you share on creating a healthier lifestyle?

For me as a kid when I was out of shape, I always said that I wanted to be in shape but I never really did anything about it. And when you are trying to get to that next level, or are just trying to lose a few extra pounds, you have to set something and be so, so, so on it. You can’t get off it. My thing is six days a week I'm on my nutrition thing, and on the seventh day, I eat whatever I want. And within those six days, there is absolutely zero cheating.

I don’t do any fruit, I don’t do any grains, I don’t do any potatoes those first six days. I get my carbs from beans. And on that seventh day, I can do whatever I want. With the way I eat, you can easily drop five pounds a week being super healthy and doing it the right way without exercising. But you gotta be on it, you can’t waver at all. 


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