Jeter Always Wins

Yankee superstar Derek Jeter fills MF in on the sweet smell of success.

MF: Every Yankee season starts with great expectations. As team captain, is that a lot of pressure?

DJ: Ever since we won in '96, the expectation is you have to win a World Series. I like that. I would never want to be on the team that's expected to do poorly. I'd rather it be a shock if you lose, as opposed to a shock if you win.

MF: How do you stay in shape?

DJ: When you're playing 200-something games a year, you can't work out every day. Usually it's every other day. I like to work out in the mornings-a lot of lifting, then another hour or two doing agility drills and running. You've got to keep your legs mobile, especially when you're playing shortstop.

MF: Which rivalry do you prefer-Mets or Red Sox?

DJ: I think the Boston series, by far. I don't really like interleague play too much. I'm sort of old-school, where you get to the World Series and haven't seen the other team. With Boston, we're chasing them, and they're chasing us. And the [Boston] fans, they hate us over there. They're pretty intense.

MF: What's the wildest thing you see fans doing?

DJ: Running onto the field. Now you can go to jail for that, for like a week or so. They rough you up, too. There've been a couple of people who've done it - especially females.

MF: You recently partnered with Avon to come up with a new cologne. Why did you name it Driven?

DJ: It's a word that means a lot to me. Growing up in Kalamazoo [Mich.], you have everyone telling you what you can't accomplish. If you have the drive, the determination, the passion, and the confidence, you can do anything.

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