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Josh Holloway: Not Your Average Hollywood Baller

The former Lost star talks about ditching the scruff and getting shredded to star in Mission: Impossible.

The Josh Holloway Workout

In addition to playing hoops, Holloway does a 90-minute strength and conditioning workout
based around functional, real-world moves. After 40 minutes of foam rolling, Pilates, and dynamic
warm-up, he moves on to high-intensity intervals. Here is a sample of one of his circuits.

60 seconds for each exercise, 15–30 seconds rest in between

This lateral agility drill is a traditional Brazilian training method. To do it, you’ll need an agility ladder like those found in most large gyms. The move is simple. Standing in front of the ladder, cross your left foot in front of your right in a lateral motion, and step your right foot to the right. Then cross the left foot behind the right laterally and then step the right foot to the right again. Repeat this series to the end of the ladder. Then return going to the left, reversing the movements. Never touching the rungs or the rails, stay on the balls of your feet, keep your hips facing forward, your chin up, and your feet moving in a quick and precise manner.

Begin in a squatting position as if you were performing a standard clean (or deadlift) with a kettlebell between your legs. Grab the kettlebell with one hand and explosively straighten your legs and body out of the squat. At the same time lift the elbow of the working arm high to the side, like you’re performing an upright row with that arm. Rise onto your toes, then drop your elbow to your side and “catch” the kettlebell gently on your shoulder while bending the knees to absorb the downward momentum. Next, press the kettlebell overhead. Return to the start position and repeat.

This move is similar to the side kick in soccer, except you aim your kicking leg slightly to one side of the target, then snap the knee and drive the heel or calf of the kicking leg into it. If you are kicking with the right leg, aim slightly to the left of the target, quickly flex the knee, and snap to the right and into the target. Perform this drill on each leg. For a tougher variation, try a sliding
kick. If you are leading with your left leg, cross the right foot behind the left foot and place it as far out across the left foot toward your target as possible. Then, extend the left leg into the kick, driving your whole body forward toward the target.

Climb onto a stability ball, with the insteps of your feet on the ball. (Depending on your
balance and agility, your toes or balls of your feet are fine as well.) Keep your hands on the ground in a push-up position. Next, lift your hips into a pike position drawing your feet toward your chest with straight legs, rolling the ball forward toward your arms. From this position perform a push-up touching the crown of your head to the floor (like an overhead press). Return
to the start position. Keep your core braced at all times. If that’s too hard, rest your foot on a bench instead.

Face away from a TRX (or other suspension trainer) with your hands gripping the handles,
arms extended in front of you. Lift one leg off the ground extending it at the hip straight behind
you. With control, raise your arms out to your sides and back with softly extended elbows, lowering yourself into a pectoral fl ye position. (Your arms should not extend behind your
shoulders.) Then pull your arms back together in front of your chest. As with all TRX exercises the closer your body is to standing upright when you start, the easier the exercise. Try to minimize shaking as best you can.

See Holloway's extended workout.


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