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Key and Peele’s 10 Most Physical Performances

The guys behind the East/West College Bowl and Mr. Garvey aren't afraid of a little slapstick—or even just straight-up slapping.
Key and Peele turn it up on "Aerobics Meltdown"
Comedy Central

We'll go ahead and say it: Key and Peele changed the comedy game.

Over the past five seasons of their Comedy Central show, Keegan-Michael Key (the tall one) and Jordan Peele (the not-quite-as-tall one) have honed their early style of raucous one-upmanship (see: “Dueling Hats”) into a singular brand of comedy that is socially prescient as it is side-splitting. 

Of course, their contemporary Comedy Central superstars—Amy Schumer, Jon Oliver, and Jon Stewart come to mind—have achieved just as much renown for their cutting satire as for the laughs they get. But whereas the rest of the pack typically stays pretty cerebral, Key and Peele aren't afraid to toss some old-fashioned slapstick into their routines as well. Brawn and brains, so to speak. Football, jazzercise, actual slapping—they're the multi-sport athletes of the comedy world.

So as Key & Peele wrap their show for good after the current season, we're celebrating their most sweat-inducing performances from some of their funniest sketches.

*Disclaimer: Some of these clips may be offensive. Content in videos does not reflect the opinions of Men's Fitness and/or its staff.

Say what you will about jazzercise, it can’t be easy to crank out leg lifts for that long.

Well, that escalates quickly.

(Notable: Jammie Jammie-Jammie, from the second iteration of the East/West College Bowl, makes his reprise before meeting his demise.)

The valet skits are always physical—Key skipping across the screen is the best—but this one had to be exhausting. (“What about Non Stop, though?!”)

We’re wondering if Key rehearsed this, or if it was on the spot. Either way, that vinyl jumpsuit had to get awfully sweaty.

Two straight days of dancing burns a lot of calories.

Now that is professional-grade acting, you guys.

An indisputable classic. (Seriously, just watch the way Key says “Javaris Jamar Javarison-Lamar.”)

Remember: Dancing burns calories.

Who says you can’t win?

Mr. Garvey never breaks his foot off in anybody's ass, but that clipboard takes a beating.


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