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Man Up With Gerard Butler

In our exclusive interview, the ultimate badass talks about gladiator workouts, action-loving women, and training for his new film Olympus Has Fallen.

The 300 Workout

If you're not a fan of the leaner look that Gerard Butler is sporting these days, try's gladiator workout, which the cast of 300 used while training for the film. Mark Twight, owner of Gym Jones, created the popular routine for the movie. It's so authentic you might find yourself running out of the gym yelling "This is Sparta!" Visit to learn more about this workout.


The 300 Workout

  •     25 Pullups
  •     50 Deadlifts at 135 pounds
  •     50 Pushups
  •     50 Box Jumps on a 24-inch box
  •     50 "Floor Wipers" (a core and shoulders exercise) at 135 pounds
  •     50 "Clean and Press" at 36 pounds
  •     25 Pullups

For a total of 300 reps

Get Gladiator Abs>>>



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