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MF Guy: Bryan Cranston

How does the Argo and Breaking Bad star stay in shape? MF talked to his nutrition coach, Jackie Keller, to find out how to get his celeb diet—without the celeb budget.

Cranston’s Meal Plan

Keller, who has also worked with fit stars Channing Tatum and Uma Thurman, is the founding director of NutriFit meal delivery service, and she designed a daily plan for Cranston that incorporated foods he loved—like Mexican-inspired dishes—and looked a little something like this:

Breakfast:  Stuffed French Toast with Berry Topping
Morning Snack: Melon Smoothie
Lunch: Burrito w/ Mushroom & Bell Pepper Medley
Afternoon Snack: Vanilla Yogurt & Seasonal Melon
Soup or Salad: Hearty Root Vegetable Soup
Dinner: Tequila Lime Chicken w/ Baby Carrots
Dessert:  Peaches n' Cream

But you need not have the budget for a nutrition coach, let alone a meal delivery service, to benefit from a little planning. Keller says it’s possible to balance your diet yourself.

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