Cranston’s Meal Plan

Keller, who has also worked with fit stars Channing Tatum and Uma Thurman, is the founding director of NutriFit meal delivery service, and she designed a daily plan for Cranston that incorporated foods he loved—like Mexican-inspired dishes—and looked a little something like this:

Breakfast:  Stuffed French Toast with Berry Topping
Morning Snack: Melon Smoothie
Lunch: Burrito w/ Mushroom & Bell Pepper Medley
Afternoon Snack: Vanilla Yogurt & Seasonal Melon
Soup or Salad: Hearty Root Vegetable Soup
Dinner: Tequila Lime Chicken w/ Baby Carrots
Dessert:  Peaches n' Cream

But you need not have the budget for a nutrition coach, let alone a meal delivery service, to benefit from a little planning. Keller says it’s possible to balance your diet yourself.

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