MF's Least Fit: Celebs

8 famous faces we'd like to whip into shape

Jack Black
Age: 38
In his words: "If my boobs were on a girl, guys would be going mad for them . . . I can enjoy them anytime I want!"

Funny? Yes. Fit? Not so much. Black has had no problem poking fun of his weight over the years, such as when he wedged himself into a Spandex bodysuit to film the 2006 comedy Nacho Libre. Like so many funnymen before him, Black has relied on his husky frame to bring in the laughs. In fact, you'll be hard pressed to find any guy under 35 who doesn't find Black's physical comedy to be hysterical. But, Jack, we promise we'll still laugh at you if you drop a few pounds.

Least Fit Moment
Black's gratuitous underwear scene in the 2002 hit comedy Orange County.


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