MF's Least Fit: Celebs

8 famous faces we'd like to whip into shape

Drew Carey
Age: 50
In his words: "They say that exercise and proper diet are the keys to a longer life. Oh well."

Why do so many people love Drew Carey? Because we can all relate to the funnyman on some level. Who hasn't thought about skipping workouts or opting for a stuffed-crust pizza instead of a salad? In fact, Carey recently had 45 pizzas shipped from his favorite pizza shop in Ohio to the set of his CBS game show, The Price is Right, in Los Angeles to celebrate the show's season finale. Unfortunately, his penchant for pizza and other fatty foods has contributed to heart problems in the past.

Least Fit Moment
In 2001, Drew Carey experienced chest pains on the set of his hit series The Drew Carey Show. The comedian was rushed to the hospital where he underwent emergency angioplasty.


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