Jorge Garcia
Age: 35
In his words: "One [fan] sent me a coupon for Slim Fast along with a bunch of religious pamphlets. On another occasion, the same lady sent me dieters' tea."

As Hurley on the television series Lost, Jorge Garcia plays a lovable castaway who never seems to lose much weight (even though he's marooned on a remote island). Garcia's size has most likely helped out his career as an actor and stand-up comedian — but, at 35, the easy-going star is flirting with disaster. On the flip side, Garcia has reportedly dropped some weight and made great efforts to take better care of himself. "I lost 30 pounds," explained the portly actor. "I can afford to not live on rum and burritos and take better care of myself."

Least Fit Moment
One of Garcia's first acting gigs was playing a dim-witted guy wearing a cardboard hat in a commercial for the fast-food chain Jack in the Box.