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The Most Embarrassing Google Searches by State

From "Where is Africa?" to "How big is average?" to "Unicorns" and "Hot Pockets"—and quite literally everything in between.

If you're in need of a good laugh, look no further. 

The real estate search site Estately dug through 11 years worth of Google searches to see what terms people from each state search more than any other. To say they hit upon a goldmine is an understatement. Estately filtered through the top-searched terms and cherry-picked the most embarrassing, ridiculous—sometimes downright shameful—searches. 

In short: “The Pacific and Mountain West are lands filled with nerds, the South is insecure about its manhood, states in the Appalachian Mountains are concerned about various vermin on their bodies, and the Midwest has terrible taste in movies,” Estately posted on its site

Take a look at some of the most buzz-worthy Google terms your state (and maybe even you) is guilty of searching. 

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ALABAMA: What does Alabama mean? / Casserole recipe
ALASKA: Nicolas Cage / outhouse
ARIZONA: Is Obama American?
ARKANSAS: Lunchables / Hotel California chords / Hotel California lyrics / “19 Kids and Counting” / “Toddlers and Tiaras” / Josh Duggar
CALIFORNIA: How to vape? / Carl’s Jr. / James Franco / Justin Bieber / fantasy bowling / Mexican costume / Asian costume / L. Ron Hubbard / Scientology / Kim Kardashian / Paris Hilton
COLORADO: Vape pen / Crocs / Men’s rights / Men’s rights movement
CONNECTICUT: Internet addiction / Jerry Springer / Spin Doctors / Crazy Town 
DELAWARE: Newark girls
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Snuggie / Bill Cosby / Vladimir Putin 
FLORIDA: Lunchables coupons / eyebrow piercing / Home Shopping Network / “A Good Day to Die Hard” / tongue piercing / Warren Sapp 

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