Movie Heroines Who Could Break You!

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Movie Heroines Who Could Break You!

Forget Jolie, Beckinsdale, Jovovich and those glamour-puss “action stars”—we’ve put together a list of 10 heroines who could swab the floor with your candy ass.

Believability. It’s a key commodity for an action star.

No amount of kinetic, fast-twitch, shuffle-cut editing can make an actor look like they know what the hell they’re doing in a fight—as anyone who’s watched John Stamos throw a volley of noodle-wristed, gas-armed whiffles during his fight scenes in the 1991 biker pic Born to Ride can attest. (Sorry, Uncle Jesse. You just didn’t have the juice.)

But plenty of guys do. Tom Hardy’s got it. Early Eric Bana had it. Steven Segal sorta had it, until he got all roly-poly and potato-faced and took to wearing embroidered Mandarin waistcoats.

And the same goes for female action stars. Some got it, some don’t. (Some—Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry—just look agreeable in tight patent leather, so we forgive them.)

But here, a list of 10 female stars who most definitely bring it. Read this...and weep for your weakness.

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