Movie Heroines Who Could Break You!

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Movie Heroines Who Could Break You!

Forget Jolie, Beckinsdale, Jovovich and those glamour-puss “action stars”—we’ve put together a list of 10 heroines who could swab the floor with your candy ass.

Tamara Dobson

If her name is unfamiliar, you need to bone up on the “blackspoitation” film movement of the 70s. While it introduced us to a rogue’s gallery of surly anti-authoritarians like John Shaft, the movement also gifted us with actresses such as Pam Grie —who embodied tough characters with names like “Foxy Brown” and “Coffy.”

But even Grier (a near-miss on this list) takes a backseat to Dobson, a statuesque powerhouse best known for her embodiment of the titular character in 1973’s Cleopatra Jones. Dig on the film’s tagline: She’s 6 feet 2” of Dynamite … and the Hottest Super Agent Ever! Dobson lives up to the hype, kicking nine kinds of ass all over the screen.

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