Movie Heroines Who Could Break You!

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Movie Heroines Who Could Break You!

Forget Jolie, Beckinsdale, Jovovich and those glamour-puss “action stars”—we’ve put together a list of 10 heroines who could swab the floor with your candy ass.

Uma Thurman

Sure, she showed inklings: Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin, Emma Peel in The Avengers. But for most viewers Thurman was no more than a wispy, gawky (if sexily so) romantic leading lady. She was Kate Hudson before Kate Hudson was a thing.

Then came Tarantino’s Kill Bill—say what you want about the man, but Tarantino always puts strong female characters on screen (see also: Pam Grier in Jackie Brown; Patricia Arquette in True Romance). Even while paralyzed from the neck-down, Thurman’s Beatrix Kiddo exuded an air of coiled menace. She could ruin you and not think much about it.

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