Ms. Kelly Returns

It has been nearly five years since the release of Kelly Rowland’s first album Simply Deep, now she's returning with the heat on her second solo album Ms. Kelly. One third of Destiny’s Child, one of the biggest girl groups of all time, Rowland knows what it means to achieve incalculable success—the kid is no rookie. MF chatted up a confident Kelly Rowland about her new album, and making healthy synonymous with sexy.

MF: This album is years in the making. Describe the journey of releasing this second album.

Kelly: Exciting, anxious, a lot of growth took place—confidence. I definitely feel like I gained a lot of confidence with this record and creativity. I actually took risks and I wanted to do the things I’ve never done before, or I was possibly afraid to do. I just did it, I think that Nike said it best when the said, “Just do it.” When you just do it great results come out.

Your first album was more R&B/alternative rock. This album is more straight R&B—what made you change musical directions?

I just felt the need for a thump with this record. I felt the need to be a little more sassy as far as sound was concerned and I did that. I felt like R&B, I wanted to do it.

You seem to have this sex appeal that wasn’t in your first album or Destiny's Child. Where did this new sexiness come from?

I don’t even think it’s so much sexiness, I think that it’s more so confidence what everybody sees. It’s just me coming into my own, not only that but being comfortable in my skin. Not that I wasn’t so much but I just think that the older you get, you change, you mature. Different feelings and characteristics start to unveil themselves and I guess confidence was definitely one of them.

Do feel pressure to sell a certain amount of records?

I would like to sell records the way basically the music industry used to sell records as a whole. I think everybody feels the pressure of selling records now just because music is at a very different place right now. A lot of kids are doing a lot of downloads, music is basically being sold or they’re stealing it. So, of course you want to sell records—I’d like to sell a lot of records though, I think that it’s definitely possible though.


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