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Other Ways to Kill a Zombie [VIDEO]

A blow to the head could do the trick—but you can be more creative.

December Men's Fitness cover guy Norman Reedus knows a lot about zombies—he's met his share on The Walking Dead. And though his character, Daryl Dixon, strongly favors a crossbow as the ultimate zombie killing weapon, for others, it's not necessarily the most practical way to do the job. To get the juices flowing (and I mean your brain juices [and I mean the brain juices remaining in your head]), here are a few alternate ways to slay the undead during the apocalypse. It could happen any day now.

1. A Piano

Attention-grabbing as a surprise sawed-off to the skull is, Sister Cynthia Knickerbocker one-upped Woody Harrelson's character, Tallahassee, in 2009's Zombieland with disturbing forethought and shocking brute force. There's little call for a piano in the zombie apocalypse; so if you've got one sitting around, the best use for it might be to drop in on an ususpecting Walker (or, as the case may be, Runner).

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