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Over 60 and Badass

Five famous guys who haven't mellowed with age.

For some guys, turning 60 means a 15 percent discount at Applebee's and winters in Boca Raton — but these five famous men are living proof that life doesn't end once you become eligible for Social Security.


James Caan


Age: 70

Before he made a name for himself as hot-tempered gangster Santino 'Sonny' Corleone in the 1972 classic The Godfather, Caan was already known as a hot-blooded New Yorker who was willing to give you a piece of his mind at the drop of a hat. To add to his man-cred, the tough-guy actor earned a black belt in karate and spent several years on the pro rodeo tour during his early acting days. Even today, at 70, the fiery Caan is still asserting his presence. Case in point, a year ago the veteran actor stormed off the set of director David O. Russell's Nailed after he got into an argument with Russell over a scene involving a cookie.

Badass Quote: "When I played three-on-three with 20-year-olds when I was 50, I didn't care if the guy was 6-foot-8—I threw the elbow."




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