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Over 60 and Badass

Five famous guys who haven't mellowed with age

Harrison Ford

Age 67

Harrison Ford may not have served in the military or have a deep-seated love for firearms, but the Indiana Jones star defines badass on so many levels. For starters, he spent his early years as a master carpenter before landing the career-making role as Han Solo in 1977's Star Wars. He's also known for doing his own stunts and is a private pilot who owns several small aircrafts, which he has used to fly search and rescue missions for stranded hikers near his ranch in Wyoming. But perhaps his biggest show of force was resurrecting the Indiana Jones franchise at the ripe, young age of 65.

Badass Quote: "I grew up in the Midwest. You don't ask what a person's religion is, you don't ask what their politics are, you don't ask how much money they make and I pretty much still have that attitude about it."




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