Party Promoter Keith Collins

MF: A lot of people want to be a Lucky MF'er. Tell us why you're so lucky.

KC: I guess, I have a lot of good people in my life. I grew up from a divorced family, my mother was a strong woman and she raised me right. I feel blessed that I am able to be here and talk about things that are happening in my life.

MF: Tell me about the projects you're working on right now?

KC: I filmed a show that is supposed to be on VH1, called Games People Play, well actually, they don't have an official title for the show yet. I was in a movie about a year and a half ago called Games People Play. It opened up in a whole bunch of movie markets, it did really well. Check it out,

VH1 took the concept of the movie and turned it into a 1 hour weekly show. They were gonna call it The Game or Extreme Audition so they're kind of undecided and its going through focus groups right now. So I'm waiting for that to come out. I shot an underwear campaign, called Play Underwear.

MF: I have those, love 'em.

KC: That's right that's right! Tell me they are not sick bro! They're hot right? They have women's too. The whole concept is , Jeff Danzer, who was the marketing guy behind 2xist underwear. He teamed up with this company called Intimo and they are launching this new line called "Play". It's myself and Mayte Garcia. Mayte is Prince's ex-wife.

Well let me tell ya, the shoot was really hot.

MF: You are modeling together and everything?

KC: It's her and I. What a great soul, she's a great person. Giant magazine ran a picture this month.

MF: Aside from your modeling your also a huge Tourettes activist.

KC: I signed on to do a national spokesperson campaign for the National Tourrette's Syndrome campaign. They did a big interview with me and they're gonna do some PSA ads. It's basically a picture and a column next to it, basically to inspire young kids and people who have the disorder to be like look there's somebody who is accomplishing a lot of things and moving forward and they grew up just like you did.


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