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Q&A: Animal Kingdom’s Ben Robson Talks Boxing, Burgers, Beer—and Season One Finale

TV’s most badass family is wrapping things up in the season finale tonight—but don’t worry: Smurf and her boys will be back next year for the recently-confirmed Season 2. Speaking of the boys, we got to sit down with Ben Robson who plays perhaps the roughest, toughest criminal/son in the bunch, Craig Cody. Turns out, Robson isn’t quite as fearless as Craig in real life, but he’s learned a few things about confidence from his character—that we're definitely stealing for ourselves. We also talked fitness, extreme sports, and diet—and how he gets away with eating all those burgers and beer on the show.

Catch the season finale of Animal Kingdom on Tuesday, August 9th at 9PM on TNT. And come back for more on TK for the debut of season 2.

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