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Q&A: Dominic Monaghan on his new TV show Wild Things

In his new travel-adventure series, the former Lost and Lord of the Rings star answers the call of the wild—and survives to tell the tale. Plus, the wildest things he has ever done.

We asked Monaghan about the most bizarre things he’s ever seen while on the road.

The wildest thing he’s ever witnessed in person:
“I was in Thailand when I saw two 10-year-olds fighting in Muay Thai kickboxing. I was horrified that they were getting in the ring!”

The wildest, most life-threatening thing he’s ever done:
“I’ve been pretty close to death a few times. But if I had to pick one... I did the biggest bungee jump in the world in New Zealand. I felt my heart in my chest the entire time.”

The wildest thing he’s ever eaten:
“Beetles and baby bees in Thailand.”

The wildest thing that’s happened on Wild Things:
“I managed to wrestle a cobra that raced toward me in Vietnam. I encountered a rattlesnake in Guatemala that I couldn’t calm down. There was also this huge 230-pound python, maybe 12 to 14 feet long that I had a minitussle with until it got tired and fell asleep on me—snoring.”



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