The Rhythm Method

MF: How did you come up with your name?

The Crystal Method: We came up with our name along time ago while we were working with a rapper. This is when we were first starting out, and were not sure if we wanted to be producers, or a band ourselves. Anyway, there was this girl I had a crush on named Crystal. This girl Crystal used to give us rides a lot of places. Scott, the rapper and I were in the studio trying to wrap up everything. And, we were supposed to meet up at a club somewhere that night, and the rapper asked us how we were going to get to the club, and then he said, "Oh, I know the Crystal Method." So, we said, "Oh Wow, that's it."

MF: Has your name lead to any controversy being that it is the name of a drug?

TCM: When we first got our record deal we thought about changing it. We thought, "Wow, what if Wal-Mart won't sell our music in their store." But, actually Wal-Mart did sell our music. When we tried to change our name our record company and publishing company were like, "No, don't change your name."

MF: How did the band form?

TCM: We were both living in Las Vegas and sort of started working on electronic music individually and didn't know each other. I was going to UNLV and we both had the same part time job at a big store. Well one day Scott walked in the store with this big drum machine and I was like, "Who's this guy with a drum machine?" We struck up a friendship, combined our music equipment, and have been working on music together ever since.

MF: The Drive album seems really interesting? What was it like putting it all together? It is really cool how the tempo starts off slow, and then increases to slow back down, like a regular work out.

TCM: It was made for a 45 minute run. We got together with the Nike people and sort of planned it all out. They approached us because a lot of people told them they like running and working out to our music. It was similar to the way we make mix CDs, but this was all us, normally when we make a mix CD we include other people's music. It was all The Crystal Method music and a little more rewarding that way. The CD gets you worked up and energized. I had a friend who is a runner test it out along the way. He really liked it. We also had a bunch of runners test it. Yes, we were researching it along the way.


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