South of Nowhere star Matt Cohen

Matt Cohen is a star on the rise with his TV debut on The N's high school drama South of Nowhere, playing basketball star Aiden Dennison. The 23-year-old self proclaimed fitness fanatic confesses that he always carries a Men's Fitness magazine - which makes him perfect fodder for our Lucky MF'er column. MF recently chatted up the South of Nowhere star to find out how he stays fit and what exactly makes him so damn lucky.

MF: Matt, what makes you so damn lucky these days?

MC: Oh jeez, (laughs) what doesn't make me lucky? We just wrapped production on a new TV show South of Nowhere were I play one of the lead male characters and I consider everything that happens to me lucky. I'm in New York doing some PR work for the show and it's really great. I've been blessed this past year, 2005 has been huge for me and the show is a huge success right now and the viewers are loving what they are seeing and I couldn't be more satisfied.

Do feel that your character Aiden somewhat resembles you in high school?

The character is really similar to me, which is kind of crazy. You have this jock guy who at first glance, you think he's typical Joe jock and on the inside he's passionate about everything he does in life and he has a huge heart and cares so much about the people that are around him. Everybody judges a book by it's cover and I think this is a classic case of that with Aiden because he's not what he looks like on the outside, he's very emotional, he's torn up about a lot of things that have happened to him. His ex-girlfriend had a miscarriage and his new love interest might be gay it's emotional roller coaster for Aiden.

Wow that's real intense.

Yes it's pretty crazy.

If you found out that your real life girlfriend liked women would you be upset?

That's a great question; no one has asked me that before. You know I don't know if I would be as upset as much as it would really kick my ego in the ass. That's kind of hard news as Aiden himself questions, is there something wrong with me, you know I would think the same way what could I have possibly done that would make this women not like men anymore it would make you question your manhood. And just who you are as a person.

You wouldn't invite the other "friend" in bed with the both of you?

You know...I don't think so. To be honest I'm a one women man you know, I like to give my full and total attention to the person I'm with. I'm not big on sharing.


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