Summer Blockbusters 2013

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Summer Blockbusters 2013

This summer is filled with explosive action-flicks that define the term "blockbuster," but there are also a few worthwhile comedies thrown in the mix. For the run-down on what to see this summer, check out our summer blockbuster playlist, in order of
Summer wouldn't be complete without a few superhero movies, and we are particularly excited about this one. Whether it's because we're anxious to erase the memory of Superman Returns, or because we relate to the enduring storyline conceived in the 30s by Jerome Siegel, it doesn't matter. Superman is our Kryptonite and we will be there to see Man of Steel fly high or crash to the ground. But based on the powerful trailer we're betting this one's going to take off in a big way.

Man of Steel's Christopher Meloni>>>


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