Summer Blockbusters 2013

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Summer Blockbusters 2013

This summer is filled with explosive action-flicks that define the term "blockbuster," but there are also a few worthwhile comedies thrown in the mix. For the run-down on what to see this summer, check out our summer blockbuster playlist, in order of
Did you miss Olympus Has Fallen this past March? Good news, you can catch it again this summer. Well, almost. Turns out Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx have their own version of this very (um) original story. In White House Down, the White House—you guessed it—is being held hostage. Foxx plays the peace-loving president who has to pick up a gun in order to escape alive, while Tatum plays the dumb but fit guy who has to teach him how to use that gun. Unlike Olympus this version actually looks pretty funny thanks to Foxx and Tatum who make a clever and witty duo.


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