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The 11 Cheesiest Movie Workout Montages

The training sequences that made us laugh more than they pumped us up.

The sports and fitness movie montage serves two purposes—it allows the filmmaker to take a large span of time and condense it over a few scenes, and it also gets the audience more involved in the character's inspirational progression through a whirlwind of training scenarios. If Rocky Balboa needs to train for a big fight against Clubber Lang, all it takes is a series of quick scenes showing Rocky's progression in and out of the ring before he faces off against his bigger, badder opponent. Though movie montages showing the underdog(s) training their butts off in preparation for the final showdown are meant to be inspirational, they actually come across as some of the dopiest moments in the film. From being a chump to becoming a champion, we thought it would be fun to countdown 11 of the most inspirational, and cheesiest, movie fitness montages.

#11 Sidekicks


Asthmatic Barry Grabrewski (Jonathan Brandis) daydreams of being Chuck Norris' sidekick, helping him fight bad guys and take down the enemy. Unfortunately, Barry's escape from reality can't stop the real bully in his life, and only the teachings of an old Chinese man called Mr. Lee (Mako) can turn Barry from a wimp into a wonder. Lee trains Barry by having him practice katas, break boards, run with weights, do pull-ups in a soup kitchen, push-ups over a water fountain, play with nunchucks and everything else that violates most child-labor laws. All to the terrible sounds of leftover '80s tunes.



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