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The 11 Cheesiest Movie Workout Montages

The training sequences that made us laugh more than they pumped us up.

#5 Kickboxer

(1989) When it comes to cheesy fitness montages, nobody could top Jean-Claude Van Damme. The only way Kurt Sloane could avenge the paralyzing beatdown of his brother at the hands of kickboxing champion Tong Po (Michel Qissi) is by training under Muay Thai master Xian Chow (Dennis Chan). Chow's training is brutal and unforgiving. Van Damme puts his legs to work, kicking a tree in half, practicing katas both above ground and underwater and using a pulley system (what is it with Van Damme and pulleys?) to maximize his flexibility. If the roundhouse kick to the face doesn't knock you out, the stink of cheese certainly will.



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