The 27 Fittest Guys of 2012

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The 27 Fittest Guys of 2012

When it comes to staying in shape, this diverse group of men - actors, athletes and doctors - pushed their bodies and their limits.
The Fittest Man on Earth?

As an undergrad at Tennessee Tech, Froning considered joining the baseball or football team, but instead decided to focus on his major in exercise science. He acquired his degree in 2009 and headed back to his hometown of Cookeville, TN, to become a fireman. Then he found CrossFit—and everything changed.

Today, fresh off his second consecutive first-place finish at the Reebok CrossFit Games, Froning wears the title of “Fittest Man on Earth” at the tender age of 25. And he trains harder than he ever imagined. His workout routine includes 525-pound deadlifts, 425-pound squat thrusts, and 335-pound bench presses.

Focusing on function, not form—although it certainly follows—Froning eats to fuel his performance and listens to his body. “I don’t have a specific diet,” he says. “I just like to eat whatever I feel like eating. I make sure I have a lot of protein by eating peanuts and drinking shakes and milk.”

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