The 27 Fittest Guys of 2012

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The 27 Fittest Guys of 2012

When it comes to staying in shape, this diverse group of men - actors, athletes and doctors - pushed their bodies and their limits.
The Underdog

We’ll admit that the Twilight saga isn’t one of the manliest franchises out there, but enduring one of these movies with your girl could earn you some serious points. (Quick tip: "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn Part I" have the most fight scenes.) In fact, it was training for those fight scenes that helped actor Kellan Lutz bulk up and add definition to his upper body. Starting with a six-week “fighting camp,” followed by regular cardio and gym work that included core exercises like V-ups and muscle-building lifts like barbell front squats and various free-weight presses, Lutz forged a physique worthy of the big screen and a starring role in 2013’s "Tarzan."

Find out Kellan Lutz got built like an immortal


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