The 27 Fittest Guys of 2012

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The 27 Fittest Guys of 2012

When it comes to staying in shape, this diverse group of men - actors, athletes and doctors - pushed their bodies and their limits.
The Superheroes

Here’s the think about CGI: Unless you’re playing the role of the Hulk, it won’t do you much good in the muscle department. It’s also expensive. And in this economy, studios don’t hire scrawny actors to play buff superheroes when they can hire, well, buff superheroes. OK, fine—not real superheroes, but you get the point: Actors can no longer rely on their thespian talents alone when it’s time to save the world from inevitable destruction. Through months in the gym and relentless dedication, these men have transformed their bodies to meet the nearly unattainable expectations of arguably the most unforgiving group of moviegoers on the planet—comic book fans. More important, they proved to the rest of us that it can be done. They may not be real superheroes, but they’re sure as hell men we can look up to.

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