The 27 Fittest Guys of 2012

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The 27 Fittest Guys of 2012

When it comes to staying in shape, this diverse group of men - actors, athletes and doctors - pushed their bodies and their limits.
The King

It’s been a good year for King James. With the NBA title, MVP awards, and an Olympic gold medal locked up, there really isn’t much else the Miami Heat star could have asked for. And while we can’t say that it hasn’t gone to his head, it’s clear that James at least still has his head in the game. “Basketball is my life,” says James, who’s been spotted amidst traffic riding his bicycle to home games. While his training comprises much of what you’d expect of an elite athlete, it’s James’ on-court mentality that sets him apart. “I don’t have a role,” he says. “I just try to put myself in a position out on the floor to succeed.

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