The 27 Fittest Guys of 2012

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The 27 Fittest Guys of 2012

When it comes to staying in shape, this diverse group of men - actors, athletes and doctors - pushed their bodies and their limits.
The Life of the Party

Paul DelVecchio has never tried to be anyone other than himself—and that’s more than most celebrities can say. Since Jersey Shore, DelVecchio has used his newfound fame to turn his original passion into a thriving career. Spinning records at clubs around the world, he’s living out his dream and taking care of himself to enjoy it to the fullest. In the gym, he trains four to five days a week, switching between free weights and machines each week, and hits his abs every other day with medicine ball throws and leg raises. To offset the negative effects of the party-hard lifestyle that comes with his occupation, he’s also taken up boxing. “It’s the ultimate workout,” he says.

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