The Best-Ever Bond Villains

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The Best-Ever Bond Villains

James Bond has taken on some of the most bad-ass bad guys—and girls—that the the big screen has ever seen. See which ones landed at the top of our list.
Goldfinger, 1964

Is it possible for a stone-cold killer to be lovable? Such is the legacy of the most infamous henchman in the entire Bond franchise. Auric Goldfinger’s chauffeur, golf caddy and murderous enforcer gets his muted charm and imposing demeanor courtesy of Harold, a Japanese-American weight lifter who won silver for the United States in the 1948 Olympics. Standing 5'10" and weighing 230 lbs., he came to define the archetypal Bond henchman — and not just because of his size. It was because Oddjob didn’t talk (he grunted, “Ah!”), whacked people in a wacky manner (with his much parodied steel-rimmed bowler hat), and died a spectacular death (being electrocuted). As for the curious smile on his face, it can only be assumed it comes from having painted Jill Masterson’s nude body gold.

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