The Best Games of 2012

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The Best Games of 2012

After a workout, unwind with one of these noteworthy titles of far.
The first quarter of the year is traditionally the worst part of the gaming calendar. Most big releases are pushed to get out in time for the holiday rush between September and December, and gamers aren’t left to look forward to much between January and March, save the odd indie title or occasional offering that crashed its development deadline.

However, 2012 saw an astounding—if not historical—first quarter in gaming. Picking the best from so many quality titles, many for the dazzling new Playstation Vita that debuted in February, wasn’t easy, especially when honorable mentions like Jak and Daxter HD and MK Komplete might be top of the class in any other year. With apologies to the fine games not on this list, and without further ado, let the countdown begin...


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