The Best Games of 2012

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The Best Games of 2012

After a workout, unwind with one of these noteworthy titles of far.

With a nod to track-based flyers of old like Starfox and Panzer Dragoon, Asura’s Wrath takes a niche game play element and crossbreeds it with an over-the-top anime-style storyline and old-fashioned button mashing. You are General Asura, a demigod who, after the game’s opening battle, appears to be killed by his demigod brethren, essentially locking him away for hundreds years. When he returns, he is totally pissed off—hence the title—and naturally out for revenge. In-game graphics and cut-scenes (sometimes indistinguishable from one another) are both visually arresting. The result of mixed gaming styles and cinematic presentation is something truly original.


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