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The Face of Hollywood: Ryan Seacrest's Weight Loss Struggle

The American Idol host reveals how he went from a heavyset kid to a healthy success with his inspiring weight loss story.

What’s your favorite workout?

I’m fortunate to work with a handful of different trainers. I like circuit workouts and core workouts. I always like to break a sweat from the get-go right up through the hour. We do everything from using large core balls to doing basic pushups and situps to sprints on the stationary bike. I enjoy changing exercises during the hour and throughout the week. 

We heard you like to swim, too. How often do you get to do that these days? 

I grew up going to a neighborhood swim club, and that was my exercise when I was a kid. Now, I wish I had more opportunities to swim. On the weekends I’ll go for a swim, and I find that I’m out of breath after 15 to 20 minutes. I aim to be better at it, though. I enjoy swimming and find it really relaxing. I love the moment where you break a sweat inside the pool. I’ve had a knee injury and an elbow injury in the past; if you’ve had any damage, swimming is a great way to exercise.

You’re known for appreciating a good meal, but what are your favorite healthy snacks?

I love vegetable juices. Sometimes I’ll make juices—with or without pulp; it just depends. I love to snack on things that are crunchy. Even though they’re not bad, I tend to eat the wrong amount of almonds. I love roasted or raw almonds or cashews. I find that when I’m traveling, and I open up that mini-bar for a snack I always go for the nuts—sometimes the peanut M&M’s. 

So, if you’re going to cheat on your diet, what do you do it with?

I like to change up my cheating. I’ll get excited about a big bowl of penne pasta, and I get excited about tacos, which I just had yesterday. I went to a place called Tito’s Tacos. I love Mexican food. I had two tacos and a cheese enchilada. I love warm chocolate-chip cookies, too. Moderation is the key to all of it, though. I’m not a freak about what I eat, because I do work out. I enjoy a fantastic meal and sometimes having a pizza with the prosciutto on it. I don’t do it all the time, but man, when I do...



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